Movers for America Coalition Supports High-Quality Military Moving Industry, Warns GHC Contract Will Create Underfunded, Anti-Competitive Monopoly

In an effort to course-correct the U.S. Department of Defense’s anti-competitive plan to outsource military household moves, a coalition of nearly 200 experienced moving professionals launched Movers for America. The coalition, composed of leading moving companies and independent owner-operators who currently participate in a substantial percentage of military moves, questions the viability of and therefore opposes the Defense Department’s plan to place all military moves under a single entity through the new Global Household Goods contract (GHC).

Movers for America includes a broad representation of dedicated professionals who help move hundreds of thousands of active-duty military families across the country and around the world, including agency owners, company employees, labor contractors, and independent owner-operators. The coalition supports a high-quality, efficient, and safe moving program for America’s servicemembers and their families, and seeks to increase access to information about the GHC for members of the industry, military families, and the public.

The Defense Department’s Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) awarded the massive GHC contract to a single private entity without military move experience to coordinate all Permanent Change of Stations (PCS) moves – approximately 300,000 moves each year. Most respected moving professionals with experience in PCS moves have refused to sign on because the GHC compensation structure and business model are unrealistic. Among the issues, independent owner-operators would be forced to conduct business as employees when hauling military shipments.

The Movers for America website points out, “After awarding the contract to the least experienced bidder rather than to the best providers, it’s clear that TRANSCOM has lost its way – prioritizing the cheapest option over reliable, experienced quality moving services. Our active-duty military and their families sacrifice so much for our country – they shouldn’t have to sacrifice an efficient, quality system for moving their personal belongings when relocating to a new mission posting. It’s time to rethink this mission to get it right.”

TRANSCOM has said the GHC overhaul is intended to address low satisfaction with PCS moves, but in fact only about 12% of moves actually result in a completed TRANSCOM Satisfaction Survey. In contrast, a recent independent scientific survey of military families paints a different picture, showing overwhelming satisfaction with the current PCS system and shared concerns about potential impacts of the GHC.

Industry leaders fear the GHC will leave our nation’s military families underserved due to a lack of participating, experienced moving professionals and will leave them with no back-up system.

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