What the New GHC Contract Means
for Independent Owner-Operators

  • TRANSCOM’s new PCS program puts a single private entity in charge of ALL household goods shipments This means that a single private entity is empowered to decide who receives each job through subcontracts. 
  • Independent owner-operators who continue to conduct PCS moves will be required to comply with the Service Contract Act (SCA) and do business as employees. These operators will lose the flexibility to choose which military shipments to haul.
  • All operators who conduct PCS moves will be required to meet SCA compensation requirements – which is fundamentally at odds with the structure of America’s moving industry, where most independent contractors haul a mixed load of military and non-military items. 
    • Currently, independent owner-operators earn a percentage of what moving companies charge customers – including the government – to move a load based on its total weight. 
    • The SCA requires contractors and subcontractors to pay their employees hourly wages based on the local market in which they’re working. Hourly wages remove the incentive that allows hardworking drivers to get ahead. Instead of getting paid more for completing more jobs efficiently, all drivers will be compensated the same – based on how many hours it takes them to complete a job.



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