Urge Congress to Evaluate the Viability of the GHC

Email Update | May 3, 2024

Now that you’ve signed up for updates, it’s time to participate by taking a stand. Join Movers for America in calling for Congress to direct the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a detailed evaluation of the GHC program. 

TRANSCOM’s impending transition under the new Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) has left moving professionals, military families, and taxpayers with too many unanswered questions about the program’s financial viability and reliability. 

Given the program’s vital role in military operations and preparedness, a closer analysis of the potential impacts on military families, moving professionals, and American competitiveness is urgently needed. 

To address these growing concerns, the GAO should take a closer look at the GHC’s financial assumptions and viability; its likely impacts on military families, moving professionals, and American competitiveness; and the implications of applying the Service Contract Act to all military shipments, including those hauled by independent-owner operators.

Stand with Movers for America and add your name to the list calling for a Congressional evaluation of the Global Household Goods Contract.

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