TRANSCOM, HomeSafe Detail GHC Rollout Expectations

Email Update | April 19, 2024

A recent article on outlined the expectations of TRANSCOM and HomeSafe for consolidation of PCS moves, with TRANSCOM officials promising that the new system will be “a much smoother, modern, and overall improved experience.” But, in fact, the new system is completely unproven and will replace a system that works with a monopoly that may throw military moves into chaos. And why? A recent independent survey soon to be released indicates that satisfaction among military families is up with the current PCS system.

HomeSafe touts a “drastically different” customer service experience than exists today. They go on to say – erroneously – that customers who have issues or questions in the current system “are unable to pinpoint the appropriate point of contact who can answer their questions and resolve their issues.”

Actually, as part of recent PCS enhancements, when a move is accepted by a TSP in the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3), companies already provide families with a single customer service point-of-contact, including the email address and phone number. It’s working.

In contrast, the GHC has struggled with a series of issues and delays, including defective technology and low industry participation ☹️– to the point where just 1% of moves this busy season will operate under the new system. Given the level of investment in GHC, including a recent additional infusion of $60 million, that level of implementation reflects a shocking (though probably warranted) lack of confidence. Which raises the question: If it ain’t broke, why break it?

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